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Mechanical Commissioning is the process of ensuring that all systems and components of a building are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the owner's or final client's operational requirements. 


The main objective of commissioning is to effect the safe and orderly handover of the project from the constructor to the owner, reporting on its operability in terms of performancereliability, safety and information traceability

The commissioning process is the integrated application of procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the project.

Additionally, when executed in a planned and effective way, commissioning normally represents an essential factor for the fulfillment of schedule, costs, safety and quality requirements of the project.

Blue Collar Group

Testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) are the three major steps used to achieve proper operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

Testing is the use of specialized and calibrated instruments to measure temperatures, pressures, rotational speeds, electrical characteristics, velocities, and air and water quantities for an evaluation of equipment and system performance.

Adjusting is the final setting of balancing devices such as dampers and valves, adjusting fan speeds and pump impeller sizes, in addition to automatic control devices such as thermostats and pressure controllers to achieve specified system performance and efficiency during normal operation.

Balancing is the methodical regulation of system fluid flows (air or water) through the use of acceptable procedures to achieve the desired or specified design airflow or water flow. 


Blue Collar Group is an independent contractor with personnel trained to perform Commissioning and TAB services in commercial and hi-rise building construction.

Our commissioning technicians work with the entire construction team. Our technicians use hands-on review of all equipment themselves rather than copy and paste reporting of work done by other trades. Regular trade meetings and Progress Reports ensure timely and accurate communications to ensure prompt problem solving. Properly performed commissioning will not just assist the schedule but ensure minor problems are identified early before they create larger issues and delays later in the project.

Our TAB technicians perform air and hydronic measurements on the HVAC systems and adjust the flows as required to achieve optimum performance of the building environmental equipment.

The balancing is based upon the design flow values required by the Mechanical Engineer for the project. As the TAB contractor we submit a written report which summarizes the testing and balancing and notes any deficiencies found during the TAB work.

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