Hi-Rise Commercial and Residential

Commercial and Residential Hi-Rises have many different components that require commissioning and balancing.

  • The building domestic water Pressure Regulating Valve needs to be set properly to allow for adequate flows throughout the whole building. 

  • The integration of District Energy Systems into modern construction makes it essential for proper flows through the Heat Exchangers, along with a proper Sequence of Operations of equipment; without these aspects under control, the building will not receive the appropriate supply temperatures required for thermal comfort or proper operation.  

  • Domestic Hot Water Recirculation lines are used so quick hot water is available for the tenants on demand.

  • Hydronic Systems are tested and balanced to match the design flows for proper efficient operation of the unit.  

  • Heat Pumps & Fan Coils require balancing to ensure tenant comfort and to avoid draftiness or hot and cold spots.

  • Life Safety systems, such as corridor pressurization & CO2 exhaust in the parkades, need to be working properly for the safety of the tenants occupying the building.

Get your Certificate of Occupancy and know that the HVAC and hydronic systems meet the design specifications.

We pride ourselves on our quality of work and our close communication with all trades during the commissioning and balancing process.